Why Quality Equipment Should Always Be A High Priority For Carriers

Post Date - Jul 11, 2023

Recent trucking industry data indicates that equipment remains high on the list of concerns shared by CDL-A truck drivers. This is why Boyd Bros. makes providing top-notch equipment and state-of-the art technology such a high priority. Here are some equipment factors to consider in creating a more comfortable, distraction-free cab.

The bottom line

When you sit behind a wheel for up to 11 hours a day, what you’re sitting on becomes very important! A quality driver seat is vital not only to comfort but also in avoiding back issues or injuries. Be sure your driving seat is firm enough to offer all-day support and a suspension system to isolate and control the amount of rocking and vibrations you have to absorb. While softer seats may seem comfy when you start the day, you need that additional support to reduce sprains, strains, muscle pulls and body aches.

Shifting gears

While many truckers love the feel of manually changing gears and feeling more in control of the truck’s operation, new technology for automated manual transmissions (AMT) strives to make it safer and easier to operate big rigs. Manual transmission semi-trucks require drivers to multi-task while driving and using one hand to shift can cause their attention to shift away from the road. Today’s most common kind of automatic transmission uses software and hydraulic power to control the gears. With AMTs, semi-trucks can react quickly, ensure efficient fuel-saving gear changes, and respond more effectively to safety scenarios, such as sudden stops or rapid acceleration. For drivers new to the industry, AMT trucks also make it easier to enter the profession.

Navigating safely through chaos

With increasing road congestion and a myriad of distractions pulling for our attention, truck driving has become more challenging than ever. One key strategy in combating these distractions is new cab layouts that prioritize essential features and put them well within reach. By reducing the need to look away from the road or fumble with controls, drivers can maintain their focus on the road ahead. Voice command technology has become a game-changer in this regard where you can change your music, set your navigation, or check on the weather, all without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Feels like home

As a professional truck driver, your cab is more than just a vehicle - it's your office, your dining room, and often, your bedroom. Spending so much time on the road can be tough, but personalizing your cab can make it feel more like home and significantly improve your comfort level. Adding touches of home such as photos of loved ones or your favorite pillow or bedding, can make a world of difference in your mood and overall job satisfaction. Personalizing your space not only makes it more inviting but also gives you a sense of ownership and pride in your work environment. Just like any other workspace, a clean, well-organized, and personalized truck cab can lead to increased productivity, lower stress levels, and a happier, healthier work-life balance.

Boyd Bros. Transportation wants all drivers to feel comfortable and safe on the road every day. Does your carrier make you a priority? If not, we invite you to learn more about the career options at Boyd Bros. today!