Top 7 Summer Accessories Every Trucker Needs

Post Date - Aug 12, 2022

The summer is officially in full swing, but as a truck driver, that also means beating the summer heat and humidity, limiting sun exposure, and protecting yourself from sun glare and other summer road hazards. Check out our list of seven semi-truck accessories for summer every truck driver needs:

1. Sunglasses - If you’re a trucker, then it’s important to invest in a good pair of polarizing sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses helps prevent eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches that you might get from staring at the road during the brightest parts of the day.

2. Mini fridge - A small fridge in your cab is extremely beneficial, especially if you’re planning to cook healthy meals while you’re out on the road. Having a mini fridge in the summer will help you keep ingredients fresher for a longer period of time and your drinks will stay cold too.

3. Cooler - Keeping a small cooler within reach is helpful for keeping drinks and snacks cool for when you need them. Even if you have a mini fridge, a cooler is helpful to hold the few items you’ll need to access sooner without having to stop and go to the fridge.

4. Window and vent shades - Heat from the sun can quickly make you feel uncomfortable while you’re driving. A simple and effective way to reduce the sunlight coming into your windows is to use window and vent shades. The shades prevent direct sunlight, but still allow you to lower your window for air circulation - even if it’s raining. Semi-truck window shades are also great for adding privacy, which is a bonus.

5. Portable fan - One way to get air moving in your truck is to use a portable fan. This especially comes in handy at night when you’re sleeping and want to stay cool without having to leave the engine running.

6. Seat covers - Many drivers like to add a seat cover to their truck because it not only helps you sit more comfortably, but it’s also better for your back and neck. Choose a seat cover made from breathable material that allows air circulation behind your back. You can even buy a cooling seat cover, which will allow you to change cooling settings according to your needs.

7. Semi-truck visors - Visors for your big rig are mounted to your truck’s windshield and provide additional protection from the sun. They also have an added safety benefit - by keeping sunlight off your windshield, truck visors prevent sun glare. During certain times of the day, sun glare can make it difficult to see and slows your reaction time.

As a professional driver, your truck is your home away from home. It’s important to make your truck a comfortable and safe place for you to live and work. This list of summer accessories for truckers should help make life on the road a little easier for you.

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