Top 6 Cab Accessories Every Truck Driver Needs

Post Date - Feb 28, 2023

The most important thing for truck drivers in 2023? Having the gear you need to get the job done, conveniently and efficiently. Our team here at Boyd Bros. took some time to gather the top six must-have cab accessories for CDL-A truck drivers.

Fifth wheel pin puller

If there’s one tool the truck driving community agrees you need in your cab, it’s a pin puller. Aside from needing it to pull your trailer, it can also be used to make frustrating tasks easier. Have a stubborn roll-up door? Pin puller. A stuck pin that needs extra leverage to get loose? Pin puller. One truck driver on a popular online forum even admitted that this tool can come in handy when you have an itch on your back you can’t quite reach!

Navigation device

As a truck driver logging consistent hours and miles on the road, having a reliable GPS system is an absolute must. Professional truck drivers don’t just need route directions but also real-time traffic, weather, and construction alerts. Avoiding frustrating hold-ups like these keeps your routes running smoothly and your stress levels low. Garmin’s dezl GPS devices are popular in the truck driving community and are a game changer behind the wheel. If you’re in need of a solid nav device and want to learn more about Garmin’s newest release, you can check out the details here.

Support pillow/cushion

Spending an extended period of time in a seated position can lead to some uncomfortable aches in your neck, back, and legs. An easy and effective way to combat these aches and pains is by adding a lumbar support pillow or seat cushion to your seat. These sorts of cushions come in all different shapes and sizes so that you can find one that fits your exact needs. While on the pricier side, the Purple Pillow is famed in the truck driving community for being the best support pillow on the market!


We know this “tool” is less conventional than others, but professional drivers across the nation agree that it is a must-have. Podcasts are a safe and easy way to stay entertained while racking up miles on the road. There are thousands out there, ranging from true crime to sports talk shows and comedy shows; there are even some that focus on trucking life. A few top podcast picks from CDL-A drivers include “Serial,” “Mike & Mike,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “Trucking Podcast.” Here at Boyd Bros, we’ve created “The Boyd Brothers Podcast”, the perfect podcast to pass time behind the wheel. Tune in as we discuss trends in the trucking industry and listen to Boyd Bros. drivers share their experiences on the road. Available for streaming on Apple Podcasts and our YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Bluetooth headset

After you’ve got your listening material figured out, a Bluetooth headset goes the extra mile to enhancing your experience. A popular commodity among truck drivers, there are headsets that only cover one ear so you can stay aware of what is happening on the road while also tuning into your favorite album, podcast, or audiobook.

Electric cooler/food warmer

Nothing beats a homecooked meal. Keeping a small electric cooler or portable food warmer (or both!) in your cab gets you immediate access to your favorite fresh foods and comfort meals. Seasoned truck drivers recommended the Coleman electric cooler (with some extra fuses in case one burns out) and the Hot Logic portable food warmer. The Coleman cooler and Hot Logic warmer both plug into a 12v for ease in cooking up delicious meals at the end of the day.

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