Five Ways CDL-A Drivers Can Stay Sharp Behind The Wheel

Post Date - Oct 13, 2023

Professional drivers have a lot of experience behind the wheel with practicing safe driving habits. And in the fast-paced world of truck driving, staying focused and engaged behind the wheel isn’t just a necessity – it’s a matter of safety. Here are five unique ways to keep yourself focused while on the road.

Brain games

Mental exercises are a great way to keep yourself engaged while on the road for stretches of time. These sorts of exercises for CDL-A drivers can range from tuning into an audio-based language learning lesson, taking time to observe your surroundings at stop signs or red lights, and even turning off the radio and taking some time to enjoy peace and quiet.


We don’t mean the type of meditation that requires you to close your eyes and take your hands off the wheel! There are many ways to meditate and support your brain in staying engaged. Deep breathing exercises allow more blood to move through your bloodstream and get delivered to your brain. For even better oxygen levels, you can roll down your window for some fresh air. Over time, this improves cognitive function and leads to a calmer, healthier brain, one that is better equipped to react to emergencies.


With a seemingly endless supply of podcasts available for streaming, you’re sure to find out that piques your interest and keeps your mind focused. Learning something new is a great way to stop yourself from zoning out, and podcasts give you the ability to do just that without being overly distracting. For our personal recommendations on must-listen podcasts for CDL-A drivers, click here.


While these will have to wait until you’re out of the driver’s seat, many drivers say they enjoy a jigsaw puzzle or game of Sudoku after a day spent on the road. Not only does it support overall brain health and functioning, but it’s also a great way to unwind and relax.

Virtual brain training

This is another that will have to wait for when you’re not behind the wheel, but there are virtual brain trainings made for drivers to test and sharpen their awareness and focus on the road. BrainHQ offers Visual Edge and Steer Clear tests for you to see just how quick you are at reacting to stimuli!

As experienced drivers, you’ve already done a lot of the footwork to stay safe. With these five strategies, you’re ensuring a safer driving experience for everyone on the road. To ensure a long-lasting, successful career for yourself, connect with us today.