Celebrating Safety: An Interview with Boyd Bros. Veteran Driver Hullon Tyus

Post Date - Jul 3, 2024

As CVSA Safe Driver Week approaches, Boyd Bros. Transportation proudly spotlights our drivers’ unwavering commitment to safe driving. One standout among our dedicated and safety-focused drivers is Hullon Tyus. With an impressive 29 years at Boyd and 33 years behind the wheel, Hullon represents the commitment to safety that defines Boyd Bros. He shared his insights and experiences that have shaped his excellent driving career.

Over the years, Hullon’s approach to safety has remained steadfast, evolving, and growing with experience. After millions of safe miles, he reflects on his safety-focused career, saying, “It’s been good! I’m almost at three million safe miles, so that speaks for itself. On a day-to-day basis, when it comes to safety, I just take it one day at a time.”

Hullon begins each day with safety as his top priority. His dedication is evident in his daily practices on the road, which include three critical habits:

  1. Regular Mirror Checks: “The first thing I do is check my mirrors thoroughly. I make sure I have the big picture, observing everything that's happening around me.”
  2. Keeping Eyes Moving: “It's crucial to keep my eyes moving constantly, staying aware of my surroundings and potential hazards.”
  3. Staying Healthy and Alert: “Most importantly, I ensure I stay healthy and alert.”

Hullon recalls numerous instances where adhering to these habits and other foundational safety protocols have helped him avoid potential accidents. “You can always go back to the fundamentals: keep your proper following distance and keep guard to avoid collisions. Also, always make sure you have a way out and always check the road ahead,” he advises.

For new drivers hitting the road, Hullon’s advice is simple but vital: “Be alert and always be safe regardless of the situation. No matter how fast or slow-paced it may be, always put safety first and take your time.”

Hullon’s personal motivation to prioritize safe driving stems from his desire to ensure both his and his company’s success. “Getting from point A to point B without putting myself or others in harm's way is a motivator for me. That, and making my company proud and efficient,” he explains.

At Boyd Bros., we uphold high safety standards for all our drivers and are committed to supporting them on their safe journeys. From top equipment to bonuses for clean inspections and an active safety department, we invest in our drivers’ safety. “I get a lot of messages from the safety department with tips on safety,” Hullon shares. “I take those and apply them to what I already know from my previous driving jobs and my time in the military, and I combine them with anything else I have learned about safety.”

Hullon reflects on what he values most about his long-standing commitment to safety. “I am about to pass three million safe miles driven, so that is a big accomplishment,” he says. “It means job security and job stability. To sum it up, I just love what I do with Boyd Bros!”

As we celebrate CVSA Safe Driver Week and recognize the safety accomplishments of our drivers, Boyd Bros. Transportation, and drivers like Hullon Tyus remind us of the importance of safety in the trucking industry. Their unwavering dedication not only ensures their well-being but also upholds the standards of excellence that define Boyd Bros.

If you’re interested in career opportunities with a carrier that makes your safety a priority and celebrates your milestones, connect with Boyd Bros. today!