Boyd Safety Scavenger Hunt

Post Date - Jul 8, 2022

As we continue to highlight safety and the importance of clean DOT inspections, Boyd Bros. has a fun way to keep safety at the top of your mind: A safety scavenger hunt!

Watch out for this on our social media pages but as we get ready to launch the hunt, we want to give you a heads up on what you’ll be hunting for and make sure you’re all set for safety.

Pre-trip your permit book daily. It’s important to check this daily and know where it is at all times. Keep your permit book in a safe, easily accessible place so you don’t have to search for it when you need it.

Trailer permit. Check the permit for the trailer in the tube near the landing gear. Put your eyes on this regularly!

See the signs. When you’re driving today, stop and think of the last 5 signs you passed on the highway. Can you remember what they said? Most write-ups for speeding are due to the driver not seeing the signs on the road. You should be scanning road signs for speed limits, safety warning and other important information.

Tire pressure. Be sure you know what your tire pressure should be at and make sure your tires are inflated correctly.

Check wheels and brakes. Last month the DOT conducted its International Road Check with a focus on wheels and brakes. Even though the road check week is over, it’s still vital to check that everything is in good working order on your equipment!

Other hot items. Some of the other items that will be on the scavenger hunt include: ELD manual, ELD instruction card, ELD malfunction cart, cab card, insurance card and IFTA paperwork in the permit book. Keep these in easy to find areas if ever needed.

Bonuses for safety! At Boyd, safety is our top priority. That’s why we currently reward drivers who receive clean inspections with $300. If you’re interested in hearing more about our clean inspection incentive or other benefits and advantages, we have here at Boyd Bros., connect with us today!