Boyd Rewards Clean DOT Inspections

Post Date - Mar 11, 2022

As a truck driver, you’ve probably experienced a DOT inspection or two…or several. While they can be a stressful experience, they play a significant role in ensuring your truck is safe and everything is working the way it should. At Boyd, safety is our top priority, which is why we currently reward drivers with $300 if they receive clean inspections!

DOT inspections cover a variety of things depending on the level of inspection being performed. The level one inspection is the one performed most frequently, and it includes a close examination of both tractor and trailer for excess wear or damage. The officer will look at several things, including your braking system, load securement, lighting, and tires, and they will also check paperwork and look for signs of alcohol and drug use. Lights, tires, and load securement are the areas where most frequent violations are found during roadside inspections.

Completing a thorough pre-trip inspection before you head out on the road is the best way to get your truck inspection ready. Doing a good pre-trip inspection increases the likelihood that you’ll catch any problems with your truck before you head out on a trip and reduce your liability if you become involved in an accident. Safety, again, is the top priority. However, catching issues early on will also save you valuable time and money.

Experienced drivers who practice pre-trip inspections as part of their regular routines should be able to complete a thorough inspection in less than 20 minutes. We recommend that you develop a pattern to follow every time. If you do this, your process will become more efficient, and you’ll be much less likely to miss anything. Make sure you’re looking at everything under the hood including fluids, brakes and suspension, tires, your coupling system, safety equipment and your cab. Check your trailer for any defects that will affect your load’s ability to remain secure and attached to the tractor.

We also want to note the importance of taking your time to get it right. Rushing your pre-trip inspection will undoubtedly cause you to miss something. Don’t put yourself and the public at risk. Completing your pre-trip inspections saves lives, time, and money.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our clean inspection incentive or other benefits and advantages, we have here at Boyd Bros., connect with us today!