Boyd Debunks 5 Myths About Truckers & Trucking

Post Date - Jul 22, 2022

We know trucking is a job for true professionals who work hard, keep the country moving and deserve a great deal of respect but there are misconceptions out there about truckers and trucking as a career that stubbornly refuse to disappear. Boyd Bros. is doing our part to shed some light on the truth about truck drivers and the important job they do.

Myth: Truckers cause lots of accidents.

Reality: Truckers are 3 times less likely to have an accident than normal vehicles and are only involved in 2.4% of all car accidents in the United States. The majority of accidents involving big trucks are due to drivers driving in blind spots and abruptly braking in front of them.

Safety is a core value at Boyd Bros. As a matter of fact, one out of every six Boyd Bros. professional drivers is a million-mile driver (those who reach 1 million or more miles with no preventable accidents). And we offer bonuses to drivers for safe operation.

Myth: Truckers don’t earn good money.

Reality: A truck driver makes a pretty good living! At Boyd, our company drivers average $1,800 per week (2,400 miles/week). Independent contractors earn 70% of the haul. Plus, our truck drivers earn bonuses for safety, referrals, and other milestones making their take-home pay very competitive with other industries.

Myth: Truckers aren’t skilled professionals.

Reality: Truck drivers are actually well-trained, skilled professionals with a great deal of responsibility. First, they have to pass their training and CDL test before getting on-the-job instruction. Boyd Bros. offers paid training that covers all aspects of operating safely and meeting tight deadlines.

To be a driver, you have to be drug-free, healthy and safe at all times. Drivers must pass a DOT physical exam every few years and are drug tested randomly throughout their employment. They must know all the details on how their equipment operates, and the rules of the road while watching out for “4-wheelers” who drive unsafely. This is definitely not a job for someone who wants to “phone it in”!

Myth: Truckers Have No Time for Family

Reality: Many people assume that being a truck driver means you can’t manage a good work-life balance. Although few commercial drivers are away for a few weeks at a time, many drivers are generally home weekly. At Boyd Bros., 95% of our drivers are home each weekend!

Myth: Truck drivers will be replaced with autonomous semi-trucks

Reality: With modern innovations in the autonomous vehicle field, many wonder if truck drivers will soon be replaced with self-driving semi-trucks. Although the name, autonomous, signifies a self-driving vehicle, this is far from the reality of the situation.

Unmanned trucks can be implemented only in specific cases that are well suited to automation. The emergence of autonomous trucks will only supplement drivers, not replace them.

Even trucks that claim to be autonomous need a human inside to account for errors and unexpected factors. The job may change some but truck driving jobs won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

If you’re interested in joining Flatbed’s Finest, Boyd Bros. has a truck driving career option for you! We are an industry leader known for offering solid training and excellent opportunities where you’ll earn a good living, enjoy a healthy work-life balance and get career stability. Boyd Bros. also looks out for your future by offering a 401(k) plan with company match. Connect with us today to learn what a career with Boyd Bros. could mean for you!