10 Signs It’s Time To Start Your Truck Driving Career

Post Date - Oct 26, 2023

Have you been wondering if life in the driver’s seat is for you? Or maybe you’ve been searching for a career shift with more opportunities. At Boyd Brothers, we’re passionate about truck driving and how it can change people’s lives – so is it something for you to consider? Here are 10 signs that a truck driving career is perfect for you!

You love the open road

One of the coolest parts of being a professional driver is experiencing life on the open road. From seeing areas of America that most people never get the chance to see – let alone get paid to see! – to catching amazing sunsets while on the clock, life on the open road is like no other.

You thrive on independence

Every day that you’re in the driver’s seat, you get to make choices without a boss looking over your shoulder. While you do have to drop loads at scheduled times and locations, you can plan your breaks and decide when your day starts and ends.

You want a career you can grow in

Truck driving gives you the chance to grow in your career and make it last a lifetime. From unmatched job security to sustainable pay, your growth can be endless. With Boyd, one of every six drivers is a Million Miler, a huge achievement for professional drivers, only secured through time and skill!

You want to control your income

A huge pro to being a professional driver is being able to influence your earning potential. At Boyd Brothers, our top drivers earn $1,800 a week and our owner-operators see up to 70% of their hauls. We also get our drivers’ performance and milestone bonuses to increase how much they take home.

You want more freedom

There are very few industries that offer as much freedom as truck driving does. With this career, you’ll never have to stare at a computer screen or sit in an office again. Your environment is always changing, and no day is the same as the one before.

You need a career that matches your motivation

Being a CDL-A driver is all about being motivated to succeed. Compensation and bonuses are directly related to how many miles you drive. And as you grow your reputation, you’ll learn how to get more miles and secure a bigger paycheck.

You enjoy alone time

Some people rest and recharge through alone time. Truck driving is a perfect career for someone who enjoys solitude and spending time listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

You like challenging yourself

Experienced professionals know that with a career behind the wheel, there are difficult moments. But the true grit and determination it takes to be a truck driver makes those challenging moments all the more rewarding and opens you up to true growth.

You want job stability

Truck driving is an industry with nearly endless opportunities. With e-commerce and shipping/delivery services rising in popularity on a daily basis and consumers relying heavily on truck drivers to meet their needs, trucking offers unmatched job security and stability.

You want to make a difference

Truck drivers are the backbone of America. Delivering nearly 50 million tons of essential goods every single day, the country could not run without their skill, hard work, and dedication. If you’re a person who needs to have a bigger purpose in life, truck driving just may be your calling.

If you align with any of these signs, truck driving could be the career for you. Interested in learning more about what being a CDL-A driver means and the opportunities it provides? Connect with us today!